• Jennifer M. Lee, PhD

10 signs that you have a moisture problem

Having toured hundreds of houses, I have seen first hand what water does to damage a property. From structural issues and moldy crawl spaces, to termites on parade, there are so many expensive problems that result from moisture around your home. Pay attention to the following:

10 signs that you have a moisture problem


These are typically the result of poor grading and drainage:

1. Overflowing gutters and disconnected downspouts

2. Cracks in your foundation

3. Water pooling near the foundation


4. Discolored deposits or flaking on basement walls

5. Leaks or drips of any size (also check ceilings!)

6. Cracked caulking in the kitchen or bathroom

7. Any sign or smell of mold or mildew (see the EPA's guide to mold)

8. Bubbling paint on your walls

9. Sweating water pipes

10. A loose toilet (the floor underneath might be rotting due to a defective seal)

Be Vigilant: Prevention and maintenance


  • Inspect gutters regularly (gutter covers to the rescue)