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5 (not-so secret) Secrets on the Mind of a Buyer

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Let psychology, sociology, and neuroscience work for you in real estate. #PsychNerdSays

1) Buyers today have high expectations. They consume HGTV like I consume cheese. They want move-in ready. They don’t want to have to do cosmetic updates like paint or new carpets.

2) Buyers are looking for their HOME. A house is a structure. A home is the safety, security, joys, and happiness of new memories, and the promise of a new and better life.

3) Buyers have choices and they know it. Sellers are taking advantage of the huge buyer pool and listing their homes, and despite the low inventory (1.3 months currently) buyers still have choices. Flippers, New Construction, Renting, Fixer Uppers, FSBOs. They can buy a brand new house with outstanding warranties or a flipped house with fresh everything if they want to.

4) Buyers sometimes can’t see beyond paint color! The easiest fix in the world… Don’t believe me…go watch House Hunters. They need the "wow" of a visually beautiful, on trend design to light up their brains.

5) Buyers are people. People make decisions based on emotion and back it up with logic. If they feel the house is right for them, they will justify the benefits of making an offer.

Knowing these things, I work with sellers to help them see the world through the eyes of the buyer, and vice versa. Try to see the transaction through the lens of the other. This works well in real estate and in life. #PSA


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